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Here you see Dawn giving an interview on WJMC out of Rice Lake, Wisconsin during the County Fair. She was getting out the word about various state programs like Edvest, a college education investment opportunity. Dawn understood that it takes more than sitting at a desk to help inform treasury could directly do for Wisconsin's citizens.

Dawn knows what she's doing.

With Dawn, there is no learning curve. She can hit the ground running. Think about it this way. If you had to fly in a small plane, would you want the pilot to be someone who just finished their ground school and simulator training to take the controls? Or would you prefer a pilot who's logged 4000 hours of flight time?

It would take an inexperienced State Treasurer 4 years for to catch up to Dawn's experience.

Politics are fast moving. That leaves just a short window of opportunity to accomplish objectives. Time - it's something we don't have a lot of.

Dawn Marie Sass was elected Wisconsin's 33rd Treasurer in 2006.

Dawn was only the third woman in history to ever achieve that responsibility and honor.

What did she accomplish?

 During her tenure Dawn saw that over $100 million in Unclaimed Property money was given back to Wisconsinites. How does one person do this? By doing something her predecessors hadn't bothered to do - Dawn traveled to all 72 Counties yearly visit with County Treasurers to help citzens find their unclaimed property money.

And the results revealed themselves in some beneficial ways. In one case a Fond Du Lac woman received $100,000. In an even more spectacular example, under Dawn's leadership the Treasury helped uncover an incredible $1 million to a grateful widow in La Crosse.

As Treasurer, Dawn was a member of the following Boards that made key decisions during her tenure:

State Board of Commisioners of Public lands

State Depository Selection Board

Board of Directors for the State Insurance Security fund

Wisconsin College Savings Board

State of Wisconsin Investment Board

What's Dawn's higher education background?

Dawn earned her Master of Business Administration from Keiser University.

She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and History from UW- Milwaukee.

In 2009 Dawn attended the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, where she obtained her certificate from the National Association of State from National Institute for Public Finance.

What's Dawn's real world experience?

A proud union member of AFSME for 33 years. Dawn was also elected and served as Treasurer for Local 645.

For 18 years Dawn served as Treasurer for the Wisconsin Electrical contractors corporation.

She was a small Business owner of Dawn Electric, an electrical contracting business.

Honored for 25 years of service with the Department of Human Services. Her positions included working as a Probation officer, Child Welfare worker and a Juvenille Justice Custody Placement Specialist.