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A stong work ethic is dedication to the job, cooperation, teamwork, reliability and non-stop productivity. During my tenure as Wisconsin State Treasurer we can accomplished some incredible things such as returning $100 million dollars in taxpayer money to Wisconsinites.

My successors never embraced the idea of helping people with this office. The former Republican State Treasurers showed up only on the rarest of occasions, however they did accept the salary. The Republican legislature knew the Wisconsin State Treasurer could be a road block to their spending decisions if they were to lose control of it, which is why they tried to eliminate it with a constitutional referendum. This political manuevering ended in April with the voters rejecting their power grab. With your help, in 2019 the Treasurer's office will be properly back in business.

Honesty is one of the oldest most basic principles of ethical behavior. It means welcoming the truth, tackling problems and building a platform of integrity based on honest feedback. With openness in the work environment as well as with the voters, we will see a surprising lack of corrupt behavior. Fully commiting oneself to truthfulness will allow the Treasurer to give the most benefit to the people of Wisconsin.

Loyalty must be to the principles by which one stands. What a person is loyal too will influence their judgement and their actions. What you do ultimately proof of what you believe in. I am loyal to the concept of responsible environmental policies and exercising a fiduciary responsibilty with taxpayer's money. To learn more about how the environment plays into the role of Treasurer as well as the fudiciary responsiblities, click on the issues.

On August 14th, vote for Dawn Marie Sass.

It just adds up.

Farming in Brighton, Wisconsin. Snap beans, hay, oats, corn, apples, strawberry, cranberries and gingseng are amongst the leading crops produced in the state. Hemp production was recently reapproved for farmers, the first time since 1959. Farmers who are 10% of the labor force seem to work 24/7. They appreciate the value hard, steady work as it reaps rewards for those putting in the time.

This photo is of UW-Parkside's structural frame work for the new dorms the began during Dawn's tenure as State Treasurer. Construction is rising throughout Wisconsin with approximately 115,000 people are employed in the various trades. Dawn owned an electrical contracting business for years and understands that  in any final building project begins with a good foundation of cement and iron framework, just like honesty. It's the supporting framework by which all goals are effectively acheived.

My Values.