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You'll discover there's no other candidate even remotely as qualifed as Dawn Marie to take on the office of State Treasurer!

Why am I a candidate for

Wisconsin State Treasurer?

To make life better.

The traits I value most - honesty, loyalty and a great work ethic are what I'll bring back to office of Treasurer.

A great work ethic starts with a standard of excellence and well defined goals. That will provide us with a clear vision of what we can achieve as a state through the office of Treasurer. My goals are the creation of a State Bank of Wisconsin to offer low cost loans and services to citizens. And I will putting environmental needs ahead of political power plays when it comes my vote on the Public Land Board to ensure the beauty of Wisconsin lasts for future generations.

With my 4 years of expertise as Wisconsin State Treasurer from 2007-2011, I understand what the office has accomplished and more importantly what the office could be. The once esteemed office of the Wisconsin State Treasurer has been decimated over the past 8 years, and it needs a champion. I'm Dawn Marie Sass, and I want to help give you a brilliant future as Wisconsin's State Treasurer.

What you do in life is proof of what you believe in. Discover in my biography how I am uniquely qualified or the position of State Treasurer.

Please take the time to read about my values. If you believe in what I believe in, then I'll need your support to take back this office starting with the primary eleciton on August 14th. But it will take all of us working together to make this happen.

Thank you!

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